Adaptive Control 2.s997 Spring 2013

Book: K. S. Narendra and A. M. Annaswamy, Stable Adaptive Systems, Dover, 2005 [Amazon]


  • Syllabus [PDF]
  • Lecture 1 supplemental material on Parameter Perturbation Method and Sensitivity Method [pages 14-21 in course book], [pdf], [google books]
  • Lecture 3 supplemental information on norms [pdf Updated Feb 20]
  • Lecture 4 supplemental information: simulations [ppt] and transients notes [pdf]
  • Lecture 12 supplemental information on projection [pdf]
  • Supplemental information High Order Tuners, Section 3 in[pdf]
  • Supplemental information on Modern Extensions to Output Feedback [barkana][huang][misra1][misra2][saberi]
  • Lecture Notes on Modern Extensions to Output Feedback [emailed to the class]
  • Squaring Up Code [m]
  • Link to Eugene's Book (we will present the last chapter) [MIT Library (online pdf)]
  • Homeworks

    HW1 [Due Feb. 25]: Chapter 1: Problem; 5, Chapter 3: Problems; 2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10. Solutions [removed]
    HW2 [Due Mar. 13]: See attached [pdf] Solutions [removed]
    HW3 [Due Mar. 22]: Chapter 5: Problems 3, 4, 6, 7. Chapter 8 Problems 4, 5. Notice the due date is Friday, and can be turned in to room 3-441. It can be turned in earlier as well. Solutions [removed]


    Midterm: Open book, Open Note Only. Will be given April 3, Due April 10. [updated pdf]
    Will cover: All lectures until March 20


    Your project must illustrate one or more principles of adaptive control in theory, simulations, or hardware. The context must be something outside of what you have seen in class. Here are relevant deadlines and dates:

    • A 200-word abstract of your project – by April 24 (email to Annaswamy [aanna] and cc Travis [tgibson])
    • A 5-page report of your project – by May 15
    • A 10 minute presentation of your project – May 13, May 15 (exact schedule TBD)